CryptoSpotlight Partner Program 

Earn 50% of revenues from customers you bring to CryptoSpotlight while helping your audience improve their trading.

How it Works:

  1. Apply to become a partner and if accepted, you will receive a custom coupon code you can share

  2. Coupon code unlocks 25% off your customers' subscription cost (normally $20/mo, their price = $15/mo)

  3. Promote CryptoSpotlight to your audience - do this however you want, just be honest

  4. Get 50% of all revenues from each customer ($7.50 x # of months they subscribe for), up to twelve months

  5. Payouts are calculated & paid out at the end of each month, based on the customers who used your code

  6. Receive payout via BTC within 72 hours from period end date

Economics & Potential Payouts:

$19.99 - Monthly Subscription Retail Cost

x 25% - Monthly Discount for Your Audience

$14.99 - Total Revenue Generated Per Customer

x 50% - Revenue Split

$7.50 - Your Share Per Customer Per Month

Your Potential Monthly Payouts:

50 Customers - $374.81 Monthly

100 Customers - $749.63 Monthly

250 Customers - $1,874.06 Monthly

500 Customers - $3,748.13 Monthly

1,000 Customers - $7,496.25 Monthly

2,500 Customers - $18,740.63 Monthly

5,000 Customers - $37,481.25 Monthly


  • Monetize your influence with predictable, recurring revenue every month, regardless of the market or your trades

  • Provide beginner traders a valuable tool proven to produce results + favorable pricing unavailable anywhere else

  • Get a free CryptoSpotlight subscription for the entire lifetime of our partnership

  • Influence the industry with a direct line to our team to give your input on our product roadmap

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